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So you graduated.... now what? 

The traditional medical model does not know how to serve people who have developmental disabilities beyond the teenage years. Most pediatric outpatient clinics (which are some of the only places where trained professionals understand the needs of those with developmental disabilities) cannot address the needs our consumers have in their natural context. My family has struggled to find solutions for years and I have worked as a community integration coach for young adults with developmental disabilities and thought to myself, "Why not OT?" 

All occupational therapy practitioners are trained in

  • meal preparation

  • community integration

  • transportation training

  • life skills

  • social skills 

  • executive functioning

  • hygiene

  • dressing

  • home management 

  • recreation and leisure

  • sensory processing

  • self-regulation and coping skills

Let's get together and figure out what your goals and dreams are, and let me show you why OT is the best field to help you get there. 

Adults and Independent Living: Service
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