Assistive technology (AT) includes the equipment and services that enhance learning, working and daily living for people with disabilities. Many people think that AT has to be high-tech and electronic, but it can be any device that improves function! The ideal AT program includes these adaptations/equipment and a comprehensive training program that continuously re-evaluates need. 

Here are some basic examples of assistive technology:

  • communication boards and devices

  • computers and specialized software

  • mobility and positioning devices, and mounting equipment

  • hardware including switches, keyboards, and pointing devices

  • specialized learning materials and aids 

  • home modifications, like automated lights and assistants like Alexa

In addition to assessment, recommendations and training, I can support you in the procurement of these specialized devices. I can assist you in working with government programs, regional centers, private health insurance, rehabilitation and job training programs, and private organizations to help access what you need. 

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