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Welcome to my blog!

Hi there! My name is Dr. Elizabeth Pauly and I am a Doctor of Occupational Therapy here in Los Angeles, California. I am excited that you're here!

After working 7 years in outpatient pediatrics and burning myself out, I took a step back and followed my interests and passions to find new, creative and unique ways to apply occupational therapy around the community. Some of the ways I'm doing this right now is by using hippotherapy (the movement of horses as a therapeutic tool during my OT treatment sessions) and creating my own business that allows me to bring occupational therapy to unique areas where not many OTs are working in.

One thing I'd like to mention here: I chose the paper airplane theme for a few reasons! I grew up in LA near the airport and have always found a weird sense of security in watching the airplanes take off, and have always found aviation to be fascinating. But more importantly, I love that we can make a paper airplane in MANY different ways (trust me, I do it ALLLLL the time in my treatment sessions with kids!) and sometimes they work really well, and sometimes it takes some modification to make it work. I see OT in this way- we are always going to take off and fly, but how we get there is sort of the beauty of the process! Plus, who doesn't love throwing around a paper airplane? OT should be just as fun, in my opinion.

I am still new to the social media and blogging world, but please check out my website for more information about me and my little business I've created, and stay tuned for more content related to OT in the coming weeks!

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